Coconut lime macaroons




It’s that time of the year… it’s getting colder outside, the days are shorter and the holidays are coming closer. Perfect time for staying inside and doing lots of baking
Here is a recipe for coconut lime macaroons. You might be wondering about one ingredient in the ingredients list that is called aquafaba. Usually coconut macaroons are made with egg whites to bind them and keep them from falling apart. Now, a while ago someone discovered that the cooking liquid from your chickpeas or beans has the same properties than egg whites. So aquafaba is nothing else than the drained cooking liquid from beans. Yes it is quite amazing, I could not believe myself the first time I saw what can be done with aquafaba. Indeed you can use it as an egg replacement in baked goods or use it to make meringues, macarons and much more. 


Fig squares


Fall is here, the leaves on the trees turn yellow and orange, the pumpkins appear on the market, the weather gets colder and there are these days when you just want to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy, and bake.

Plum and Apricot Sorbet


It is summer, it is hot, and juicy fruits are available in abundance. Let’s make some easy ice cream at home!


Red Wine and Chocolate Muffins


I recently remembered that years ago I had a (non vegan) chocolate red wine cake recipe that I liked so much that I baked it many times. Inspired by these flavors I developed the following vegan muffin recipe. Chocolate, red wine and a hint of cinnamon form a perfect combination for the holiday season.


Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream – for a warm spring day

As I write this, it is early spring here in New York, but the weather is already very nice and warm. And thus, as I walked through the streets the other day, I had this sudden appetite for ice cream. As you might expect, I don’t usually crave cold ice cream in the winter time, but as soon as the warm weather arrives it does not take too long for me to want some.