Pumpkin Risotto with fennel and roasted hazelnuts


Making a good risotto is very easy! All it takes are a few good ingredients and some love.

Make this risotto for your whole family or for a fine dining with friends. The toasted hazelnuts and the roasted pumpkin seed oil gives it the little something extra …

Butternut squash quiche with pears and rosemary


Winter is here and this season is also synonymous for less abundance in fresh fruit and vegetables. I have to admit that winter is not my favorite season and, very often at the end of it, the beginning of spring is very welcome. Probably not just for me.

One of the main winter vegetables you can find everywhere right now is the pumpkin. And just because we don’t have that many vegetables in winter it doesn’t mean that cooking has to be boring. Instead, let’s get a bit creative with the winter squash and make a quiche with it. This should be a nice alternative to the traditional albeit delicious and comforting soups or purees.  

Simply Corn


I love wandering over the green market and being inspired by its produce to create dishes; maybe I come across a new produce or herb I never tried out. But the market is also full of its “classics”. As spring and summer are coming back more and more fruits and veggies are back at their respective times. I really enjoy seeing from week to week what is back in season… sometimes impatiently waiting for an item to be back! Asparagus, strawberries, ramps, peas, the list goes on and on. But in this post I want to talk about corn.


Couscous and Lentils Salad with Cranberries and Mint


Let’s talk about lentils!

Lentils might not be under the spotlight of the all favorite foods ever but I personally like to cook and eat them. If you are not already a lentil’s lover, I will show you through this recipe that working with lentils is easy and that they are delicious.




The flavors of the Orient’s kitchen are divers and rich, with products like dates, harissa, cinnamon, ras el hanout, cumin, saffron, lentils, chickpeas, yufka, sesame seeds, couscous or mint. Here I explore a sliver of this cuisine with a Falafel recipe, but add my own twist by using sunflower seeds together with chickpeas as the base.


Brazil Nut Cheese, Figs, Radicchio and Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette 2 Ways


If you think about it, the same ingredients can be transformed into so many different dishes! That’s what is so lovely in the art of cooking… you can play, improvise and create. In this post I play around with a nut cheese, figs, salad and a sweet and sour vinaigrette by creating two different dishes with these same ingredients. The first version is an elegant tartine – an open faced sandwich – and the second one is a fresh and original salad.


Leek and Tomato Quiche


Quiche is a classic french dish, but apparently originated in Germany, as the word quiche comes from the word Kuchen, German for cake. Quiche is a savory tart with a pastry crust and a savory custard like filling which is baked. The traditional French one is the Quiche Lorraine, usually made with eggs, bacon, cheese and cream. Obviously I shall not be using these ingredients here.