Simply Corn


I love wandering over the green market and being inspired by its produce to create dishes; maybe I come across a new produce or herb I never tried out. But the market is also full of its “classics”. As spring and summer are coming back more and more fruits and veggies are back at their respective times. I really enjoy seeing from week to week what is back in season… sometimes impatiently waiting for an item to be back! Asparagus, strawberries, ramps, peas, the list goes on and on. But in this post I want to talk about corn.


Sunchoke Puree with Roasted Maitake Mushrooms


In this post I am going to showcase a root vegetable that might not enjoy widespread popularity. It is a tuber that resembles a ginger root, and it is well known in French cuisine. I am talking about what the French call Topinambour, better known here as Jerusalem artichoke, Sunchoke or earth apple.