The Pumpkins Are Here




It is October, rainy days are becoming more frequent, and the sun is less warming. It is also the month of pumpkins and winter squashes. They are starting to appear all over the farmers markets, and seem to mesmerize year after year by their bright colors, varieties and sometimes huge sizes. There are many different types of squashes and pumpkins out there, several with funny shapes and equally funny names.


Phyllo Pockets with Okras, Beans and Red Peppers

Before choosing a vegan lifestyle, I used to love puff pastry. Then I discovered that phyllo dough is not only a wonderful vegan alternative, it is also in no way inferior to puff pastry. And while the ingredients and the preparations of these two doughs may differ, I observe very similar thin and crunchy layers once they are baked.


Cress and Radicchio Power Salad

A true salad does not equal what most people may think about salad. Some greens will make a salad more powerful than others, and by powerful I mostly mean nutrient dense.