I proudly offer the following culinary services
I am fluent in French, German and English and I am working in the Dreiländereck Region of Alsace, Basel, Germany (Südbaden).

Cooking classes

Have you wanted to switch to a vegan lifestyle but do not know where to start? Have you wanted to live a more conscious lifestyle ? Have you wanted to prepare more healthy food by yourself but feel that you are lacking the rudimentary kitchen skills to get started? Are you motivated to elevate your existing cooking skills to a new level, or expand your knowledge about the plethora of wonderful ingredients one can employ in the kitchen? 
I want to share with you my passion for food and my experience of cooking. Learn to create healthy and delicious meals, increase your awareness about ingredients and how to work with them with respect and in season.
We cook together and I will guide you with new and wholesome ingredients, various cooking techniques and give you advice about a healthy and conscious diet. My goal is to teach you fundamentals and give you confidence so that you’ll be able to recreate, but also create, recipes on your own.

Consult my Event Page for more information about cooking classes and events. 


Team cooking events for businesses 

Artful Cuisine offers plant-based cooking classes to learn about a healthy and creative way of cooking and discover new flavors.
With your team, come and share a fun and entertaining moment during our events. Promote your team communication, strengthen the bonds, learn and work together to create a meal that you will share at the end. 
Please feel free to contact me for more details, I would be delighted to talk with you about your wishes and expectations.
Groups up to 25 persons. 
Do you wish to learn (more) about a healthy, vegan and conscious lifestyle, are you curious, want to “grow”, need a change, feel unwell or are you facing health challenges?
I offer coaching sessions to guide you and give you advice on a new way to health and well being. 
We meet, assess your needs and wishes, talk about fundamentals and clarify basic questions. Accordingly, we define goals and you get practical advice for a balanced diet and improved well being. 
We can meet and talk, we can do an ingredients assessment in your kitchen or go grocery shopping together. If you wish, in a second meeting, we could also cook together to put the theory into practice. 
Please feel free to contact me for more details, I would be delighted to talk with you about your wishes and expectations.

Culinary recipe creation & consultation

Are you running a restaurant or catering service and want to embrace the trend of more and more people seeking vegan options on the menu?
I offer professional consultation on adding (more) vegan options to your menu or to create a full vegan menu. Working with the chef and the rest of the kitchen staff to create and/or teach them about creative plant based cooking and ingredients. Please feel free to contact me for details.

Food photography

Delicious food deserves artful plating and photography, as I aim to demonstrate on this site. Please see here regarding my photography services.